queen bee


Carissa Troia LOVES SpinOlution!

I love the fact that the wheels are designed by an engineer that is also an American Veteran and made in the USA. All the SpinOlution Innovative features; quick flyer and bobbin exchange, no oil needed EVER! And best of all, the ratios that enable hand spinners to create the chunkiest of art yarns to the thinnest lace all on the same wheel.

I own a Mach III simply because it is the best functioning wheel around. I can spin ANYTHING on it. The Queen Bee, which accompanies me to my Farmers’ Market each week and is an adorable workhorse. The FireFly, fun to bring along anywhere, including the car, a plane, etc. It has a super long lasting battery and is particularly nice to ply on.

I have spun and created award winning yarns using my SpinOlution wheels; super lace weight English Angora from my bunnies, to squishy soft worsted weight yarns from my flock of Cormo sheep, to big, funky, chunky, art yarns.

Carissa Troia

SpinOlution Dealer, Harvard IL




Karen Champion LOVES SpinOlution!

I am Karen Champion. owner of Blazing Star Ranch.  I raise alpacas and have a fiber, yarn and spinning wheel store in Englewood, CO.   I have been spinning for 5 years or so.  I have used many different wheels and like different ones for different reasons.

I love the Spinolution King and Queen Bee's for their portability and small footprint. I think they are the ideal travel wheels, especially if flying! They are a breeze to set up. I like the ease of changing bobbins and the nylon pins instead of hooks!

One of my customers uses her Queen Bee to spin at the Denver Art Museum. She demonstrates spinning there on a weekly basis.

Karen Champion

SpinOlution Dealer, Englewood CO