Candy Hargett LOVES SpinOlution!

I'm often asked about my spinning wheel so here are a few thoughts on the SpinOlution FireFly.

It took me a year of intense hip pain to the point of thinking I'd not be able to spin before I made the plunge to the FireFly. I had originally thought I wanted the Mach III as I had tried one & like the treadling motion & the engineering. But they had just started the FireFly & I ordered it.

Total complete love at first spin.

Never looked back. Then, I became a dealer for SpinOlution.

Bill comments on my explosion of creativity - everything from thin silk to big textured yarns and everything in-between & the amount of spinning I'm able to do. The foot control allows for stop & go, so when I'm doing something detailed like lock spinning I have the control I need. But when I want to sit & just spin I have the speed & take up control to just fly.

I taught a 2 day workshop/retreat last weekend & let students try "Miss Lee" my FireFly. The moment they sat down to try. it was amazing

.. the smile and relaxation of the ease & fun of spinning.

Candy Hargett

Calluna Farm Studios

75 Calluna Lane Raphine, VA 24472


Martha Manigross LOVES SpinOlution!

I’m Martha Manigross, and I live in Orange, VA. I’ve been spinning for about 3 years.

I started out trying a spindle, but didn’t really get the hang of it. Then I ordered a Lendrum, which was great to start on, but I soon realized, I was going to need a different wheel to handle the type of spinning I wanted to do.

I needed a wheel that was capable of holding more yarn at once, or larger, bulky yarn, without constantly having to switch out the entire flyer system. A wheel I could spin thin or thick and funky on. A wheel that I could easily take with me to spin groups, or move around my house. A wheel that was quiet, and easy to use. I have some back issues, so treadling became more difficult. 

A friend ordered the Firefly, and after seeing it in person and trying it myself, I really fell in love with this little wheel with the BIG capabilities. I can spin fast – or I can slow it down for art yarn. I can spin thin and thick. I can pop it into my rolling suitcase, and go to spin groups.

I got the Firefly with all the attachments – the 8 & 32 ounce flyers, the Lazy Kate, and the skein winder. It’s a great set of tools!

Martha Manigross

SpinOlution Dealer, Orange VA


Carissa Troia LOVES SpinOlution!

I love the fact that the wheels are designed by an engineer that is also an American Veteran and made in the USA. All the SpinOlution Innovative features; quick flyer and bobbin exchange, no oil needed EVER! And best of all, the ratios that enable hand spinners to create the chunkiest of art yarns to the thinnest lace all on the same wheel.

I own a Mach III simply because it is the best functioning wheel around. I can spin ANYTHING on it. The Queen Bee, which accompanies me to my Farmers’ Market each week and is an adorable workhorse. The FireFly, fun to bring along anywhere, including the car, a plane, etc. It has a super long lasting battery and is particularly nice to ply on.

I have spun and created award winning yarns using my SpinOlution wheels; super lace weight English Angora from my bunnies, to squishy soft worsted weight yarns from my flock of Cormo sheep, to big, funky, chunky, art yarns.

Carissa Troia

SpinOlution Dealer, Harvard IL