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Meet the Echo

The Echo is our economical studio wheel and the perfect step between the Pollywog and the MACH III. With a wide range of heads to choose from - you can spin from extra fine to bulky on this wheel and upgrade to a new size when you want faster speeds or larger bobbins. Select your preferred size of head to start: 4 oz Accelerated, 4 oz Standard, 8 oz, 16 oz, and coming soon - 32 oz! Or you can treat yourself with an Echo Package which includes two complimentary upgrade sizes, plenty of bobbins, a lazy kate, a skein winder, and extra SpinOlution accessories! The Echo Package includes everything you'll need to get started spinning, with plenty of room to learn and grow.


Built to Last.

SpinOlution spinning wheels are designed & manufactured in the USA out of beautiful warp-resistant baltic birch wood and packed full of state-of-the art engineering and features you won't find on any other spinning wheel in the industry. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee as well as a 1-year limited warranty. We want you to love the wheel you spin for a lifetime!  


Meet the Firefly

The Firefly is our electric wheel that is ideal for spinners who have difficulties treadling or prefer a more modern spinning wheel design. The Firefly is one of our most versatile wheels - you can choose from the following upgrade sizes: 4 oz Accelerated, 8 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz, and 64 oz. The battery is included in the base and spins for 14 hours after being fully charged. Charge the battery overnight, and you are ready for a full weekend of spinning! We also have a foot switch if you prefer to use your feet (or sit cross-legged and put it under your leg) to control the power. The Firefly is part of our MODULAR wheel series - all the heads interchange with the MACH III. You can spin up a bobbin on your MACH III in your studio, and put that same head on your Firefly to ply the bobbin at a fiber festival. In short, the Firefly is an electric MACH III. 


Standard Features

All our spinning wheels come with the following standard features. 

  • Comprehensive Ratios for Spinning all weights of Yarn from Fine to Bulky
  • Open / Bypassable Hook Orifice for Spinning Art Yarns & Textures
  • Quick-Change Magnetic Bobbins & Stretchy Drive Bands
  • Easy-Adjust Tension Knob for Perfect Uptake
  • Whisper Quiet Operation
  • Finished Baltic Birch Wood for Warp-Resistant Lifetime Durability
  • Ergonomic Treadling System
  • Small Footprint with Slip-Resistant Floor Grips
  • Designed & Made in the USA

Which wheel should I choose?

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We recommend test driving multiple brands of spinning wheels before you make a purchase because we want you to love the wheel you spin. However, if you would like our feedback on what SpinOlution wheel would be the best fit for the yarns / fibers you want to spin - please complete the following survey and we will respond with our $0.02. Happy Wheel Shopping!

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Golden Whorl Engineering

In 2017 we unveiled our newest engineering accomplishment: THE GOLDEN WHORL*. This whorl design now comes standard on all of our wheels except the Hopper. A smaller golden whorl is used for 4 oz and 8 oz flyers, and a larger golden whorl (pictured) is used for 16 oz and 32 oz flyers. Golden Whorl Engineering gives spinners less drag and a higher ratio spectrum. You can upgrade your MACH III, Echo, and Firefly to GOLDEN WHORL by purchasing an upgrade from your local dealer.

*Golden Whorls are made from anodized aluminum. Not every wheel design can be upgraded.


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