• 4 oz Bobbin $39 - Compatible with the Pollywog, Echo & Queen Bee
  • 8 oz Bobbin $39 - Compatible with the Echo, MACH III, Firefly, Hopper, King Bee
  • 12 oz Bobbin $49 - Compatible with the Pollywog (not seen in video)
  • 16 oz Bobbin $49 - Compatible with the Echo, MACH III, Firefly, Hopper
  • 32 oz Bobbin $49 - Compatible with the MACH III, Firefly, Hopper
  • 64 oz Bobbin $79 - Compatible with the MACH III, Firefly

FREE SHIPPING on all wheel orders to the USA. Add extra bobbins to your spinning wheel order to save on shipping! If you're ordering accessories only, the shipping charges are Flat Rate. $15 to the USA and $25 Worldwide per order.

WE GUARANTEE OUR BOBBINS. Our bobbins are made from birch wood and are shatterproof. But sometimes during shipment they party pretty hard. If you receive a broken bobbin in your shipment we will replace it for free. Any bobbins that break within 1 year of purchase we will replace for free. If your bobbin breaks, email a picture to with your shipping address and proof of purchase to receive a free replacement. Some broken bobbins can be repaired with e6000 glue. Even if your bobbin can be repaired, we will still send a replacement.



COMING SOON - Magnetic Flyer Compatible Bobbins from Adan Akerman of Akerworks, Inc! These bobbins will fit all of our wheels that have the magnetic bobbin system - including our newest Golden Whorl wheel line!

Below are the designs & colors available for you to choose from. You can purchase these bobbins directly from Akerworks.