The King Bee is a foldable travel wheel with an 8 oz bobbin. Spin any weight of yarn from fine to bulky on multiple ratios. The built in lazy kate holds 3 bobbins.

SILVER WHORL King Bees cannot be upgraded to GOLDEN WHORL at this time. However, new King Bees (ordered after July 2017) include GOLDEN WHORL engineering. 

Please note: The product can differ slightly from shown photos, since we improve our products continuously. 


  • King Bee with 3 (8 oz) bobbins - $959


Weight: 13-14 pounds

Open Dimensions

  • Height: 30"
  • Width: 19"
  • Depth: 13"

Folded Dimensions

  • Height 12"
  • Width: 19"
  • Depth: 9"



    • Comprehensive Ratios for Spinning Traditional Yarns & Fibers
    • Open / Bypassable Hook Orifice for Spinning Art Yarns & Textures
    • Quick-Change Magnetic Bobbins & Stretchy Drive Bands
    • Easy-Adjust Tension Knob for Perfect Uptake
    • Whisper Quiet Operation
    • Finished Baltic Birch Wood for Warp-Resistant Durability
    • Ergonomic Treadling System
    • Small Footprint with Slip-Resistant Floor Grips
    • Designed & Made in the USA
    I JUST received my King Bee. I had never tried a SpinOlution wheel, but took a leap of faith and convinced my local yarn store to become a dealer and ordered. Oh man. IT’S LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT AND TREADLE! So smooth and versatile! I got my wheel less than 5 hours hours ago and it’s taking its first road trip on our family vacation! Can’t wait to spin everywhere!!!!
    — G. Jeanne
    My first SpinOlution wheel was a King Bee. It was love at first sight. I was so impressed with the design, ease of spinning a wide range of yarns and the customer service that I just knew this was a company that I wanted associated with my fiber business.

    I have since purchased a Mach III and a Firefly that I spin on almost daily. Love these wheels and the fact that I am supporting an American made product.
    — J. Grimshaw