Carissa Troia LOVES SpinOlution!

I love the fact that the wheels are designed by an engineer that is also an American Veteran and made in the USA. All the SpinOlution Innovative features; quick flyer and bobbin exchange, no oil needed EVER! And best of all, the ratios that enable hand spinners to create the chunkiest of art yarns to the thinnest lace all on the same wheel.

I own a Mach III simply because it is the best functioning wheel around. I can spin ANYTHING on it. The Queen Bee, which accompanies me to my Farmers’ Market each week and is an adorable workhorse. The FireFly, fun to bring along anywhere, including the car, a plane, etc. It has a super long lasting battery and is particularly nice to ply on.

I have spun and created award winning yarns using my SpinOlution wheels; super lace weight English Angora from my bunnies, to squishy soft worsted weight yarns from my flock of Cormo sheep, to big, funky, chunky, art yarns.

Carissa Troia

SpinOlution Dealer, Harvard IL


Melissa Yoder-Ricks LOVES SpinOlution!

I do lots of the creative textured yarns, and love the Mach III for those, because of the low ratio and the super-jumbo bobbin. When I'm traveling/teaching, I use the King Bee, which can do pretty much the same things as the Mach III, just in a smaller skein (small is relative though -- the 8 oz. bobbin on the King Bee is still twice as big as most other wheels bobbins).

The Firefly I primarily use for churning out singles that end up being plied on one of the other wheels...its ultimately portable (for when I'm traveling with the family and have NO ROOM) and also great to spin on when I just feel lazy.

I recommend Spinolution to everyone -- which wheel depends a bit on what type of spinning they play to do and their budget.  I'm a dealer -- have sold these wheels to brand new beginners, people with health/mobility issues, hard core 'art yarn' spinners, as well as your typical spinner wanting to make knitting yarns.

I was a loyal Schacht Matchless spinner for over 15 years, making miles and miles of smooth yarns for knitting.  Then I got bored, discovered the world of creative textured 'art' yarns.  At the time, Schacht did not have a jumbo flyer of any kind for their wheels, so I started searching for another wheel. I tried several different wheels, but they all fell short.  I was spoiled by the quality and reliability of my Schacht wheel.

Then I heard about Spinolution wheels.  It was very early on... Mike had just introduced the Mach I, and was selling it unfinished and unassembled.  Having never seen one in person, I was nevertheless intrigued, ordered one and quickly fell in love!  I've worked with Mike off and on through the years to help refine and further develop these wheels (my suggestions lead to the introduction of both the Echo and the King Bee wheels). I really really love the responsive treadling, ease of changing bobbins, and innovation that these wheels have to offer.

Melissa Yoder Ricks

SpinOlution Dealer, Front Royal VA

Wild Hare Fiber Studio


Leah Rosenthal LOVES SpinOlution!

I was introduced to spinning as a child but put it down until I was an adult. I started back up after going to a fair in 2007 and trying a Matchless. Spinning came naturally so I started saving for a wheel while spinning with a homemade drop spindle.

During my search I discovered the Spinolution's Mach I. I saw the video Chris and Mike had produced. I think the ergonomic design and balance are what sold me. I have a degenerative condition in my major joints and spine. Most wheels are supremely uncomfortable, but with a break here and there I can spin for hours on my Spinolutions wheels.

I still have the originally Mach I, but have since also bought the Queen Bee (which I later sold), the King Bee with its lovely big bobbins, and will likely "trade up" to the Mach III package with the 32 ounce bobbins.

I spin a wide variety of yarns. From lace weight to bulky, cotton thread and yarn, and a variety of art yarns. Right now I'm learning to spin cobweb lace, and expand my art yarn skills. I am proud to be a Spinolutions Dealer. I live in Vermont, close to the Canadian boarder near Montreal. I would love to help you select your Spinolution wheel.

Leah Rosenthal

SpinOlution Dealer, Vermont