drop spindles


Kelly Knispel LOVES SpinOlution!

I am the owner of Dakota Carding and Wool Co. and a shepherd raising BFL sheep and Angora goats for their awesome fibers! I have been a SpinOlution dealer since the beginning  when Mike and Kris donated an Echo to our local fiber fair. I jumped on board with their new company after trying out the Echo and shortly after that acquired and still use a Mach II SpinOlution spinning wheel.

I have been through several permutations of their original Mach spinning wheel and I appreciate the willingness of this company to keep improving their products and expanding the design of their wheels to meet the demands of handspinner's around the world.

I have been spinning yarn for 25 years and I own several spinning wheels but my Mach II is my go to wheel. The Mach II is a workhorse production wheel that is trustworthy and dependable, spinning lace weight to chunky bulk weight yarns. The internal bearings and heavy wood construction are my two favorite design elements of the SpinOlution wheels. I also appreciate, sell and spin the heck out of SpinOlution's drop spindles. 

I have started many people on spinning with drop spindles over the years and I am so happy to be able to now do this with the SpinOlution drop spindle! These drop spindles are effortless, balanced and the variety of weight options you can get with just one SpinOlution drop spindle is economically brilliant!

Kelly Knispel

SpinOlution Dealer, South Dakota