Wheel Pricing

$399 ($419) - Pollywog 4 oz Spinning Wheel

The Pollywog spinning wheel comes standard with a 4 oz orifice hook, three 4 oz bobbins, and attached lazy kate.


  • $199 - Pollywog Accelerator

  • $409 - 12 oz Flyer Head

  • $52 Orifice Riser

About the Pollywog

The SpinOlution Pollywog is fastest selling beginner-friendly spinning wheel on the market today. Spinners of all ages and heights can treadle with their toes on this budget-friendly wheel. If you need a higher orifice to start, consider adding the new orifice riser accessory.

As you learn how to spin on the standard 4 oz flyer head, you can add the accelerator to your wheel for multiple faster ratios or upgrade to the 12 oz flyer head which can hold more yardage and chunky, bulky, art yarns.

The by-passable orifice allows you to spin bulky, ply creative, or add embellishments - and the treadling is smooth & silent. You can add a tube orifice accessory to your 4 oz or 12 oz flyer head if you prefer spinning with a closed orifice.

Please note: The product can differ slightly from shown photos, since we improve our products continuously. 

Pollywog Reviews

I’m completely in love with my Pollywog. Its a perfect fit for me, and was just what I was looking for.
— K. VanHaitsma
I will always own a SpinOlution wheel. I’m in love with the customer service I get from them. ALL business people should take a lesson from them!! Mike & SpinOlution go way above and beyond what’s necessary. When anyone asks me for a recommendation for a wheel, this is the company first out of my mouth. And when I think of the ideal customer service, this is the company as well.
— M. Giles