$1009 - Wheel + 8 oz Flyer Head

$1349 - Wheel + 16 oz Flyer Head (pictured)

$1349 - Wheel + 32 oz Flyer Head

The Hopper is our original travel wheel and is unlike any other wheel on the market. This unique travel wheel has state of the art SpinOlution engineering for a smooth spinning experience. 

The Hopper does not have GOLDEN WHORL engineering. 

I have spun and created award winning yarns using my SpinOlution wheels; super lace weight English Angora from my bunnies, to squishy soft worsted weight yarns from my flock of Cormo sheep, to big, funky, chunky, art yarns.
— C. Troia
I have an older Hopper. Best decision I ever made. I can spin everything from frog hair fine to thicker than my thumb art yarn. Love it!
— C. Haas
I absolutely love the SpinOlution wheels. There is a wheel for everybody and every spinning style. I take my hopper with me everywhere I go, but I also love my Pollywog and Firefly!
— K. Worley