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This list includes the most recent Golden Whorl ratios. This list may change slightly, as we strive to improve our product line continuously. Previous models of SpinOlution wheels will have different ratios, including slower top speeds. See video at the bottom of this page for how to map your spinning wheel ratios.

Super Fine / Fine

Many spinners use ratios over 1:12 for spinning fine yarn from short staple length fibers, and prefer ratios over 1:18 for lace or cobweb weight yarns.

Your treadling speed effects the RPM (and performance) of each ratio.

  • Firefly - Highest Electric Wheel on the Market @ 3200 RPM

  • Monarch - Highest ratio is 1:52 on the 4A Flyer Head

  • Queen Bee - Highest ratio is 1:44

  • Echo - Highest ratio is 1:40 on the 4A Flyer Head

  • Pollywog - Highest accelerated ratio is 1:33

  • King Bee - Highest ratio is 1:28

  • Worker Bee - Highest ratio is 1:26

  • Bullfrog - Highest ratio is 1:18

  • Hopper - Highest ratio is 1:18


Speeds for spinning yarn for knitting and crochet. Most beginner spinners prefer using ratios from 1:6 to 1:12 for these yarns.

All our wheels have multiple ratios for spinning medium weight yarns.

Beginner Tip: We recommend starting on the middle whorl (middle speed) when you first receive your SpinOlution wheel, then moving up/down whorls if you need more/less speed.

Bulky / Art Yarn

Speeds under 1:6

Note: for very bulky, tail-spinning, or embellished art yarns we recommend using the slowest ratio available on your wheel.

  • Hopper - Lowest ratio is 1:0.75

  • Worker Bee - Lowest Ratio is 1:4

  • Bullfrog - Lowest ratio is 1:4.5

  • Echo 16 oz - Lowest ratio is 1:4.5

  • King Bee - Lowest Ratio is 1:5

  • Monarch 16 oz - Lowest Ratio is 1:6

  • Pollywog 12 oz - Lowest Ratio is 1:4.5

  • Firefly 16 oz - Turn the speed down low for any art yarns

How to Map Your Spinning Wheel Ratio

Peter McMasters, SpinOlution Dealer