I will always own a SpinOlution wheel. I’m in love with the customer service I get from them. ALL business people should take a lesson from them!! Mike & SpinOlution go way above and beyond what’s necessary. When anyone asks me for a recommendation for a wheel, this is the company first out of my mouth. And when I think of the ideal customer service, this is the company as well.
— M. Giles
I have spun and created award winning yarns using my SpinOlution wheels; super lace weight English Angora from my bunnies, to squishy soft worsted weight yarns from my flock of Cormo sheep, to big, funky, chunky, art yarns.
— Carissa Troia
Total complete love at first spin.
— Candy Hargett
I have been spinning yarn for 25 years and I own several spinning wheels but my MACH is my go to wheel. The MACH is a workhorse production wheel that is trustworthy and dependable, spinning lace weight to chunky bulk weight yarns.
— Kelly Knispel
I recommend Spinolution to everyone.
— Melissa Yoder Ricks
SpinOlution wheels are amazing because the unique treadling action allows me to spin even when my bad knees are acting up, without causing additional pain. They are easy to spin any type or style of yarn that I desire.
— Christiane Knight
I have been spinning since 2004. I was always searching for the perfect wheel. After purchasing my Mach III, I felt I no longer had to search. I had finally found “the one.”
— Tina Watson