Firefly Power FAQ

Power Issues?


Most Likely Scenario: The fuse needs to be replaced or reset. Replace the fuse with a 3 to 10 amp fuse of the size that is in the holder. Take the fuse to a auto part store. Use the largest fuse that is not over 10 amps.

If your Firefly has a red button on the back, pressing that button will reset the fuse and resolve the issue.

If your Firefly does not have a red button on the back, open up the base to replace the fuse using the image below.

  1. Remove the head of the Firefly from the Base

  2. Turn the base over

  3. Unscrew the 4 screws that hold the lid onto the base

  4. The motor will be sitting in place (it is not secured in permanently, but fits like a puzzle).

  5. The fuse is on a red thick wire.

  6. Push and twist the wire to unlock and open the fuse

Charger Troubleshooting

  • Plug the charger into the wall. The light should turn green. If the light does not turn green, or if it does not turn on at all - you have a bad charger.

  • Plug the charger into the Firefly. The light should turn red, meaning the battery is taking a charge. If the light does not turn red, the battery is fully charged or is a bad battery.

Battery Troubleshooting

If the Firefly is being very slow, your battery is running low on charge. Let the battery charge overnight. If the Firefly is still running sluggish after being plugged in overnight, you likely have a bad battery. You can purchase a new battery on our Replacement Parts page. 

  • If the light on the charger stays green and the Firefly is not holding power - you will need to ship your Firefly to SpinOlution for service.

  • ANOTHER SCENARIO: The other end of the red wire is securely attached to the speed controller. If the wire is loose - that is a problem. Re-secure the wire.

  • ANOTHER SCENARIO: The black wire to the Battery should also be secured into place. If it is off - that is a problem. Re-secure the wire to create the electric loop required for the Firefly to function.


  • It is best that the Firefly be charged overnight after each use.

  • It is not required to leave the charger or the Firefly plugged in all the time.

  • It is best not to let the battery run on a very low charge. Deep discharge is not good for long term battery life.

  • By keeping your Firefly charged, the battery should last from 3 to 10 years.