Corian Whorl

For the Hopper


Upgrades include everything you need to add a new size to your wheel base:

  • A head (attaches into the base of your wheel)
  • A flyer (has a back with whorls, arms, and an orifice bar and holds the bobbin)
  • A hook orifice bar (attaches to the flyer magnetically)
  • A bobbin (slides onto the flyer and is secured to the back with a magnet)

Corian Whorl wheels were manufactured from 2015 - 2017 until they were replaced by the GOLDEN WHORL on all models except the Hopper. The ratios are perfectly adequate for spinning yarn weights from fine to extra bulky. Wheels manufactured before 2015 had wooden whorls, with the same ratios as corian whorl wheels. 

If you have a Hopper and want to add a size to your wheel, you will need to purchase a Corian Whorl upgrade from your Dealer, as Hoppers are not compatible with GOLDEN WHORL engineering. 


  • 8 oz Upgrade = $549.00
  • 16 oz Upgrade = $549.00
  • 32 oz Upgrade = $549.00

Shipping to the Lower USA is $15.00. International Shipping is $25.00.