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I've been spinning since 2003 and quickly ran out of space on my first wheel (A Louet S17) for the bulky, fun, art yarns I was passionate about creating.  So I sold that wheel when I fell in love with the biggest bobbin on the market at that time: an Ashford Country Spinner.

I spun and spun on that wheel until I literally wore it out.  It was held together by duct tape and zip ties.  I bought another just like it and kept spinning.  I thought no wheel would ever come between me and my Ashford Country Spinner.  However, after my book was published, all my creative energy was gone. I figured it was the fact I was a new mom. I would sit at my wheel and I was just...not feeling it. I felt like I had spun all the yarns I could imagine. I thought about selling all my fiber equipment and doing something else entirely.

Meanwhile, I had always been looking for a wheel that was portable. I love spinning outside, but lugging the heavy Ashford Country Spinner around was a challenge. Right around that time Mike Pauly invented the SpinOlution Firefly. It was perfect timing. I took a chance with the SpinOlution Firefly and it was exactly what I was looking for: Huge bobbins, Open Orifice, and Portable!

So portable that I didn't even need to bring a chair!

Now I could create in the spaces that I wanted to create in.

The world had become my studio.

I was thrilled.

My Ashford Country Spinner will always have a special place in my heart. It was my one true love for 12 years. It went on grand adventures across the country with me. Whenever I see an Ashford Country Spinner, I smile. But shortly after spinning on the Firefly - I sold my Ashford Country Spinner to a student of mine who is thrilled to pieces and feeling super creative. I just needed a fresh start.

And now that I have that portability I've always been looking for, I don't think I'll be spending much time at a studio wheel anymore.  I'll be outside!


  • I love that I can put the Firefly on top of my piano when my children are up, so they don't get into it. 
  • I don't miss treadling at all.  I love that I can just focus on the yarn, and I don't feel tired after spinning for a hours!
  • I love that it's easy to teach on.  I don't have to walk students thru the learning curve of drafting and treadling at the same time. They can focus on drafting first, build confidence, get a feel for the fiber - then if they want a more traditional wheel they can learn treadling once they're confident in their spinning abilities.

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