64 oz Upgrade - Now Available for Firefly & MACH III

Product testing is finally complete, and our brand new 64 oz Production Upgrade is now available to order from your local dealer! This setup was designed for the Firefly, but also fits the MACH III. One of our product testers fit almost 600 yards of super bulky thick and thin art yarn on this bobbin. We estimate it will hold 4 pounds of worsted weight single. Actual weight will vary based on fiber content and yarn weight.

This is an excellent tool for spinners who want to spin a large amount of yardage to use for large projects - without a single knot. It is also great for production spinners who need to spin multiple yarns back to back in a short period of time. Plying on this setup is a breeze, especially on the Firefly, where you can fine control the speed and tension without the effort of treadling.

Although this setup does fit the MACH III, our product testers agree that it is heavy to treadle, and requires effort to get up to speed. However, once the bobbin is up to speed, spinning is easy. The ball bearings in the MACH III and break system allow for good control of this setup. If you are considering this setup on either a Firefly Base or a MACH III base - it was originally designed for the Firefly base due to it's weight.

If you have any questions about this new tool, please comment on this post and we will ask our product testing team for their feedback.

Price: $674.00 + Shipping. Includes Setup, One Bobbin, Hook Orifice Bar, Tube Orifice Bar. Additional Bobbins are $75.00.