The MACH III will be renamed to MONARCH in Summer 2018

The MACH III is our production studio wheel for professional spinners who need a comfortable wheel that they can spin at for hours without feeling fatigue. Featuring toe breaks for stopping on a dime, and 4 different head sizes to choose from (8 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz, and 64 oz) - you can spin all weights of yarn from any fiber or blend in your stash. 

The MACH III is our most popular wheel for production spinners wanting a comfortable, smooth, and delightfully silent spinning experience. Spinners, from beginners to expert, find the treadling experience meditative and soothing as the fiber twists effortlessly between their fingers. 

To update your MACH III to GOLDEN WHORL engineering, order an upgrade in your preferred size(s) from your Dealer.

Please note: The product can differ slightly from shown photos, since we improve our products continuously. 

NEW: Upgrade your MACH III with a laser engraved Wildflowers design. Choose to engrave the spinner-side of the wheel, the audience-side, or both sides of your wheel to transform this modern design into a work of art.

WHAT IS A MODULAR WHEEL? Our 8 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz, and 64 oz setup are interchangeable between the MACH III Base and the Firefly Base. Design your own wheel by choosing your base and setup size, or swap setups between the bases for multiple wheel options. 

MACH III heads manufactured before 2014 may not be compatible with the Firefly base and the heads will be upgraded for no additional cost (customer pays shipping) to be compatible with the Firefly Base.


  • $1199 - 4 oz Accelerated (4A) Flyer + 3 Bobbins
  • $1199 - 8 oz Flyer + 3 Bobbins 
  • $1459 - 16 oz Flyer + 3 Bobbins
  • $1459 - 32 oz Flyer + 3 Bobbins
  • $1919 - Accelerated Package (4A + 8 oz + Accessories)
  • $1919 - Package (8 oz + 16 oz + Accessories)
  • $1919 - Package (8 oz + 32 oz + Accessories)
  • $1944 Package (16 oz + 32 oz + Accessories)
  • $100 - Wildflowers Design (per side)
  • $889 - Base Only



  • 8 oz: 1:3.5, 1:5, 1:7, 1:11, 1:21
  • 16 oz: 1:5, 1:7, 1:10
  • 32 oz: 1:2.5, 1:4, 1:5, 1:7
  • 64 oz: 1:4


  • 4 oz accelerated: up to 1:56
  • 8 oz: TBD
  • 16 oz: TBD
  • 32 oz: TBD
  • 64 oz: TBD


Weight: 25 lb
Height: 32 in
Width: 24 in
Depth: 12 in
Wheel Size: 20 in

    I have been spinning since 2004. I was always searching for the perfect wheel. After purchasing my Mach III, I felt I no longer had to search. I had finally found “the one.”
    — T. Watson
    I have been spinning yarn for 25 years and I own several spinning wheels but my MACH is my go to wheel. The MACH is a workhorse production wheel that is trustworthy and dependable, spinning lace weight to chunky bulk weight yarns.
    — K. Knispel
    Best wheels I have ever spun on. I can go from lace weight to super bulky art yarn with ease, and they are a true joy to spin on. The Mach III is my favorite, but I also love my Firefly.
    — H. Madison