Featured Dealers

Following are our most successful dealers. These dealers have sold the most wheels in the past 2 years. All of these dealers know the SpinOlution product, have invested time in the brand, can answer questions, troubleshoot, maintain your wheel, teach you how to spin, and provide above-and-beyond excellent customer service. These dealers help keep us in business, and we want to thank them by promoting their business. Besides our featured dealers, we have many dealers all over the world. If you want to support your local dealer, we welcome you to visit our dealer map. If there is no local dealer to you, or if you local dealer is difficult to contact, we highly recommend the dealers below:

Peter McMasters

Peter and his wife Ingrid run Spry Whimsy in Madison, WI and travel all over the USA promoting SpinOlution products at fairs and festivals. With a rent-to-buy program, a layaway program, and a master spinning class they host in their shop - they can answer any questions you have about the product.

Jodi Dominick

Jodi purchases SpinOlution wheels and parts in bulk and ships them same week from her warehouse. Selling primarily on ETSY, she has the highest sales from that marketplace each year.

Jeannette Neelans

Jane Rommel

Shawna Beaudoin

Ashley Martineau

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