• How can I order if there is no local dealer in my area? You can purchase your wheel and accessories thru any of the dealers listed on our website. Some dealers sell SpinOlution products online. 
  • How much is international shipping? Contact any dealer for a shipping price worldwide.
  • Will the new magnetized bobbins fit my older (no magnet) model? Yes, the new style magnetized bobbins will fit the old style wheels without alternation. The new bobbins also include the clip for your leader thread.
  • I have an older model SpinOlution flyer with wooden pegs. I would like to replace them to the newer more durable nylon pegs. Contact customer service with a picture of your current flyer, and your wheel type, and flyer size to custom order new flyer arms with nylon pegs attached. In some cases you will need a new orifice bar as well as new flyer arms. When you receive your new flyer arms, remove the old arms from your flyer by unscrewing the two screws in the back of the flyer (one screw per arm), and attach the new arms when they arrive with one screw each and you'll be ready to spin.
  • I'm having difficulties spinning on my SpinOlution wheel. When you first unpack your SpinOlution wheel, we recommend turning the tension all the way down when you start spinning. Our wheels are known for having excellent uptake, so starting with zero tension might feel more familiar to you if you are used to spinning on a different brand of wheel. If, on zero tension, you are having difficulty with uptake - begin rotating the knob a half turn at a time to increase tension until you reach a spot that feels comfortable for you. 
  • My wheel is squealing. Completely unscrew the tension knob, pull off the little spring, and you will find a block - pull that out (or tilt your wheel so it falls out) and you will find an an arch, or a ‘U’ that sits on the shaft.  This creates the tension.  The ‘U’ is probably lined with a bit of felt. That felt bit gets smooth and can start squealing, simply roughen it up with an emery board.  If its shiny, roughen it up just enough to take the shine away. You can also replace the felt with wool felt (not acrylic) or leather or suede. 
  • My wheel is slow and sluggish. Rough up the leather or felt on the tension block (see directions above). Try new drive bands. Reseat the bobbin. Try a different ratio. Make sure your tension knob assembly is lined up correctly (the plastic bushing should be facing downward pressing on the spring, not inside the black nut).
  • How often should I replace my drive band? Replacing your drive band every year will keep your wheel performing at it's best.
  • I lost a piece! Contact customer service or your dealer to order a replacement part. 
  • What does the little wooden peg go into? If you have ordered a package deal or a skein winder, you'll receive a little wooden peg. This peg goes into the first hole of one of the arms of the skein winder to secure the end of your yarn into the hole so it doesn't fall off the skein winder when you begin to wind. It also helps you remember where the beginning of your yarn is. Simply place your yarn tail into the hole, secure with the peg, and begin winding off the bobbin and onto the skein winder using either the 1-yard or 2-yard arms. 
  • What does the little rubber black stopper go into? When we first designed the Pollywog, we added a hole into the back for spinners to add sand if they wanted to weight the drive wheel to add more momentum. That little black stopper is for placing in the hole after it has been filled with sand. This is a feature that is no longer available on the Pollywog, because additional weight is not required.
  • My drive band is rubbing black residue on my wheel. This is normal. Wipe down the residue from your wheel and your band. If you want to deep clean the grooves, you can use furniture polish.
  • What are your wheels finished with? Lacquer. Do not use essential oils (lemon oil) to clean. Rather, use furniture polish.
  • Do I need to oil my SpinOlution wheel? No. Due to the bearings we use, our wheels don't require oil as maintenance. The only noise you may get is from an old tension block. Above are instructions on how to stop squealing.
  • My firefly pedal / plug stopped working. Contact customer service with your proof of purchase and we will ship you a free replacement if your wheel is less than a year old. 
  • I received my wheel and there's a broken bobbin in the box. Contact customer service with your name, address, and a photo of the broken bobbin and we will ship you a replacement. Broken upon arrival pieces need to be reported within 10 days of receipt to receive a free replacement.
  • I am missing accessories in my package. Check all the packaging materials carefully. Many times we wrap small accessories in additional bubble wrap. Spread out all the bubble wrap to locate the missing pieces. If you cannot find them, contact customer service.



All the admin in those groups are dealers and can help you with assembly, troubleshooting, or general questions about our products. Those groups also are sales-free, so you won't be pushed to make a purchase if you're just wondering about our wheels.