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I have a Pollywog that I adore! Spins so easy and fast. I have damaged ankles and arthritis in my knees so a wheel I can spin with my toes is a godsend.
— T. Heart
The treadle action is super smooth and effortless. I love the ergonomics of this wheel.
— C. Locke
Best wheel I’ve ever had. Spins with no effort at all.
— P. Gramster

Does your spinning wheel cause you pain? Try SpinOlution!

Spinners who find other wheel makes and models painful to treadle, can spin on a SpinOlution without pain.

In fact, many of our customers have told us that they were about to give up spinning when it became too painful for them due to pain in their ankles, knees, hips, and joints. After switching to SpinOlution, they were able to continue spinning yarn without any pain.

Our trademark treadle design is known for it’s superior comfort on your ankles and knees, and our Golden Whorl Engineering makes the treadling effort minimal compared to other brands.

Some spinners describe this treadling experience like a glider rocker, a gentle pendulum motion that creates a meditative space and rhythm for spinning yarn.

More Ergonomic Benefits

  • All of our wheels can be used as either single treadle (one foot) or double treadle (two feet).

  • If you have are unable to treadle a wheel, we recommend our Firefly spinning wheel.

  • The treadles on our wheels are wider than other wheels, opening the hips for a more comfortable spinning experience.

  • Our orifice heights are average to low compared to other wheel models, which is ideal for most spinners. An orifice that is too high can cause pain in the back or shoulders.

  • We offer an adjustable Studio Chair to get the perfect height for your orifice, with lumbar support.

Our wheels build momentum as you spin, and continue spinning with minimal effort. This is what makes our wheels more comfortable to treadle than other brands. Observe the free treadle action and momentum of the MACH III in this video (the MACH III was replaced by the Monarch) which is also similar to the Echo and Bee treadle design.