Our Drive Bands are stretchy and easy to adjust from whorl to whorl to find your perfect speed.

It is normal for a small amount of black residue to wear off the band as it is used on the wheel. Use a damp cloth to wipe this residue from your wheel and off the band. We have received requests to find a clear drive band to prevent any residue - but there are no clear bands on the market that have the amount of elasticity our wheels require in order to function properly. A great drive band is a key to success in spinning - and our wheels are happiest with these bands. Keep the bands out of sun, as they are prone to become brittle when exposed to long hours of sunlight and heat.

We recommend replacing your drive band once a year.

If you are having tension issues with your wheel, consider replacing the drive band. If your wheel requires more than one drive band (Hopper, Bee) you will get the complete set of bands you need when you order from this page. Older model Bees use a very small band, which is not needed for newer model Bees. If you order Bee Bands, you will receive a small band even if you have a newer model of wheel. 

MACH series bands fit all previous MACH Models, including the Wind (which was discontinued in 2015). 

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