Treadle FAQ


The knocking is happening because the oval treadle is opening up and hitting the bearings instead of staying closed around the bearings. This could be caused in a change of humidity causing the wood to shrink and the treadle to loosen and open.

Temporary Fix: Put a rubber band around the outside of the treadle to keep it from opening. Just in case you are traveling with your wheel to a new environment (especially a dry climate) it would be a good idea to bring a rubber band with you just in case the wood of your wheel is effected by that new climate. 

Permanent Fix: Add 3 layers of painters tape to the inside of the treadle (so that it is hidden), and gently close the treadle to secure. This should resolve the knocking. 

If you are still having knocking issues, email photos of your wheel (including treadle and any information regarding how you've tried to resolve the issue) to info@spinolution.com and we will help you troubleshoot. 

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  1. Look under the logo and you will find a small hole in the base
  2. Loosen the screw on the base in the back with a small allen wrench (3/32) which will allow the shaft to move freely back and forth.
  3. Push the shaft back
  4. Tighten the screw with the allen wrench
  5. Happy Spinning!

Why did this happen? This most likely happened during shipping and will not be a problem once the shaft is pushed back into place and tightened with the set screw.



Most Likely Scenario: Make sure the left wheel is all the way back (there are washers to keep the wheel out) if there are not enough washers we can ship more to be added for a better alignment. Each wheel has a unique set of washers based on it's alignment in our shop. Sometimes alignment can be jarred during shipping and more washers may be needed to adjust the wheel. 

To resolve, send us a picture of the issue to info@spinolution.com so we can troubleshoot and send the appropriate parts for repair. This is a very simple fix.