Drive Wheel FAQ

You may need to remove the main (drive) wheel from your MACH or Echo for troubleshooting or repair. Here is how:

  • Remove the head and flyer from the wheel base

  • Locate the screw at the bottom of the hole where the head fits into the base.

  • Using a long phillips screwdriver, loosen the screw

  • Move the shaft forward and out thru an open treadle

  • Remove the main (drive) wheel

To replace the drive wheel on a Bee, King Bee, or Queen Bee:

  • Loosen the brass screw behind the wheel

  • Open the treadle

  • Push the shaft forward until the wheel is free

  • Several washers will fall out - keep these to put on with the new wheel as well as the wire ring.

  • Put the shaft into the new wheel

  • Add the wire ring to the shaft (next to the new wheel)

  • Then add the washers

  • Slide the wheel down into place

  • Push the shaft into the base

  • Tighten the bass screw to secure

  • Reinstall the Drive Band

The Wheel Wobble on the MACH 2 is due to the wheel shaft moving. Here is how to add a set screw to hold the shaft and keep the wheel from wobbling.

  1. Purchase a wood screw at your local hardware

  2. Use a small drill about 1/8" and drill a pilot hole about 1 1/2 " above the wheel shaft on the back (drill at an angle: that will hit the shaft at the halfway point about 1/2" in)

  3. Screw in a #8 screw about 1 3/4 inch long - this will hit the shaft and lock it from moving. This will remove most of the wheel wobble.


F.A.Q.Ashley Martineau