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64 oz

This size is exclusive to SpinOlution, and is the biggest bobbin size in the industry. Expert production spinners find this size ideal for spinning single-ply bulky weight yarns. Each one is crafted and balanced by hand. Available on the Monarch and Firefly.

64 OZ wheel models

  • $1658 - 64 oz Firefly (recommended)

  • $1768 - 64 oz Monarch

64 oz wheel pricing includes one bobbin, and both hook and tube orifice bars. It does not include a drive band.


32 oz

This size is ideal for production art and bulky yarn spinners who need large amounts of yardage for big projects, or need extra room for plying big skeins. Beginner art yarn spinners may find the 16 oz more manageable. Available on the Echo, Hopper, Monarch, and Firefly.

32 OZ wheel models

  • $919 - 32 oz Echo

  • $1349 - 32 oz Hopper

  • $1429 - 32 oz Firefly

  • $1529 - 32 oz Monarch

32 oz wheel pricing includes three bobbins.

This bobbin size is comparable to the bobbins used on the Ashford Country Spinner and Majacraft Overdrive Flyer.


16 OZ - most popular!

This size is an ideal starting point for spinners wanting to spin bulky. It is large enough for art yarn, and small enough to spin any yarn you would use for knitting or crochet. This Bobbin size is available on the Bullfrog, Worker Bee, Echo, Hopper, Monarch, Firefly.

16 OZ wheel models

  • $899 - 16 oz Bullfrog wheel

  • $919 - 16 oz Echo wheel

  • $1049 - 16 oz Worker Bee wheel

  • $1349 - 16 oz Hopper wheel

  • $1429 - 16 oz Firefly wheel

  • $1529 - 16 oz Monarch wheel

32 oz wheel pricing includes three bobbins.

SpinOlution is the best wheel for spinning art yarns today. No other spinning wheel can create the bulky, textured, yardage of the modern yarns that I love to spin.
— Ashley Martineau, Author of Spinning and Dyeing Yarn