Meet Your Local Dealer- Liz Fagel of Northern MI

At Spinolution we like to think that our community of dealers is one of the reasons owning a Spinolution Spinning wheel is so exciting. While you may buy a wheel from any dealer online by using our Dealer Map we would love the opportunity to highlight some of our wonderful dealers who may be in your area to help you get better acquainted with our wheels and immersed in your local fiber arts community.

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Where are you located and what do you love about the fiber arts in your area?

I live in the lower NE corner of Northern MI. A township named Ocqueoc. It is a very rural, touristy area, which includes a township hall, bar, church and a little convenience store. They are spread out around the township, so we do not even have a tiny town.

There are fiber arts within 100 miles of my home, so I have to travel to other guild meetings. We now have a spring fiber festival about 45 miles from here. I have met many friends in this area that also raise fiber animals. The beauty of this area is also very inspiring for the arts. I do have a small local spinning group named the Ocqueoc Spinderallas.

What inspired you to start your own fiber arts business?

I have been a knitter since 1989. I learned to spin yarn around 2002 or was it 2003? I fell in love with Alpaca yarn. At that time there was not much available in the LYS. I decided I needed to make my own, so we started our Alpaca journey in 2006 as a business. The fiber arts business is a “spin off” (no pun intended) of the alpacas. We raise the alpacas for their fiber. We do not show them. We currently have 30 alpacas with many different beautiful natural colors.

What is your favorite feature of Spinolution Spinning wheels?

My most favorite feature is the treadling. I can spin for a long time and not get tired or achy knees. I like many of their other features too. The magnetic bobbins, the hook, the different sizes of the bobbins, and how easy it is to spin art yarns.

Which is your favorite wheel if you could only choose one?

This is a hard one. It could change as I order other Spinolution wheels. I started with two the Pollywog and the Echo. I ordered the whole studio package for the Echo. So this is now my favorite wheel. The Pollywog is wonderful for traveling.

What other hobbies or interests do you have outside of your business?

I use to dabble in quilting and sewed for my girls. My DH and I use to sail a sailboat and salmon fish on the Great lakes. Camping was another hobby, but with our small farm, it keeps us busy here. So now gardening, canning and preserving our food, mushroom hunting for morels in the spring and just enjoying our lifestyle of living here with Mother Nature’s beauty.

How long have you been a dealer?

Around a year and a half.

If you could give one piece of advice to new spinners or fiber enthusiast what would it be?

Don’t compare yourself with other experienced spinners when starting out as itcan cause you to become frustrated and want to give up.

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