Candy Hargett LOVES SpinOlution!

I'm often asked about my spinning wheel so here are a few thoughts on the SpinOlution FireFly.

It took me a year of intense hip pain to the point of thinking I'd not be able to spin before I made the plunge to the FireFly. I had originally thought I wanted the Mach III as I had tried one & like the treadling motion & the engineering. But they had just started the FireFly & I ordered it.

Total complete love at first spin.

Never looked back. Then, I became a dealer for SpinOlution.

Bill comments on my explosion of creativity - everything from thin silk to big textured yarns and everything in-between & the amount of spinning I'm able to do. The foot control allows for stop & go, so when I'm doing something detailed like lock spinning I have the control I need. But when I want to sit & just spin I have the speed & take up control to just fly.

I taught a 2 day workshop/retreat last weekend & let students try "Miss Lee" my FireFly. The moment they sat down to try. it was amazing

.. the smile and relaxation of the ease & fun of spinning.

Candy Hargett

Calluna Farm Studios

75 Calluna Lane Raphine, VA 24472