Martha Manigross LOVES SpinOlution!

I’m Martha Manigross, and I live in Orange, VA. I’ve been spinning for about 3 years.

I started out trying a spindle, but didn’t really get the hang of it. Then I ordered a Lendrum, which was great to start on, but I soon realized, I was going to need a different wheel to handle the type of spinning I wanted to do.

I needed a wheel that was capable of holding more yarn at once, or larger, bulky yarn, without constantly having to switch out the entire flyer system. A wheel I could spin thin or thick and funky on. A wheel that I could easily take with me to spin groups, or move around my house. A wheel that was quiet, and easy to use. I have some back issues, so treadling became more difficult. 

A friend ordered the Firefly, and after seeing it in person and trying it myself, I really fell in love with this little wheel with the BIG capabilities. I can spin fast – or I can slow it down for art yarn. I can spin thin and thick. I can pop it into my rolling suitcase, and go to spin groups.

I got the Firefly with all the attachments – the 8 & 32 ounce flyers, the Lazy Kate, and the skein winder. It’s a great set of tools!

Martha Manigross

SpinOlution Dealer, Orange VA