Tina Watson LOVES SpinOlution!

I have been spinning since 2004. I was always searching for the perfect wheel. After purchasing my Mach III, I felt I no longer had to search. I had finally found “the one.” My Mach III setup includes the 8oz flyer/bobbins, 32oz art yarn flyer/bobbins, and the lazy kate.

I love the lazy kate. I like having the option to ply from it when it is attached to the wheel. The Mach III is sturdy and is built like a piece of furniture. It is not a lightweight wheel and this is something I really like about it! The weight gives the drive wheel lots of momentum. The drive wheel turns smoothly and the treading is effortless. 

Art yarns and textured yarns (spun from fleece) are my primary focus though I do spin a variety of other yarns too. My favorite and most used wheel is my Mach III. I have owned many different wheels. My current inventory is as follows:

  • Spinolution Mach III
  • Hansen Mini Spinner
  • Lendrum Complete DT
  • Majacraft Rose
  • Schacht Matchless
  • Schacht Sidekick

My Mach III is my “go to” wheel. It is big, beautiful, and spins like no other wheel on the market!

Tina Watson

Happy SpinOlution Customer

Herman Hills Farm, SW Ohio