Leah Rosenthal LOVES SpinOlution!

I was introduced to spinning as a child but put it down until I was an adult. I started back up after going to a fair in 2007 and trying a Matchless. Spinning came naturally so I started saving for a wheel while spinning with a homemade drop spindle.

During my search I discovered the Spinolution's Mach I. I saw the video Chris and Mike had produced. I think the ergonomic design and balance are what sold me. I have a degenerative condition in my major joints and spine. Most wheels are supremely uncomfortable, but with a break here and there I can spin for hours on my Spinolutions wheels.

I still have the originally Mach I, but have since also bought the Queen Bee (which I later sold), the King Bee with its lovely big bobbins, and will likely "trade up" to the Mach III package with the 32 ounce bobbins.

I spin a wide variety of yarns. From lace weight to bulky, cotton thread and yarn, and a variety of art yarns. Right now I'm learning to spin cobweb lace, and expand my art yarn skills. I am proud to be a Spinolutions Dealer. I live in Vermont, close to the Canadian boarder near Montreal. I would love to help you select your Spinolution wheel.

Leah Rosenthal

SpinOlution Dealer, Vermont