Christiane Knight LOVES SpinOlution!

I am a lover of music and former radio and club DJ; a writer and thinker and dreamer and artist; a Jill of all trades and master of very few; a goofball with bright hair and dark clothes and a big smile. My favorite animal is the goat, which might give you a bunch of clues about what I’m all about. My colorways and end products are mostly named after the bands and songs that inspired them – there’s always music on in my world, and I’m usually dancing and singing along!

I am totally in love with what I do, which is blend amazing fibers, colors, and textures into a tactile rainbow of awesome. I feel lucky that I get to do what I love as a way to make a living, and I celebrate it every day.

I started spinning on a drop spindle, self taught thanks to a little pamphlet and You Tube. It was one of those things where you start doing something and you know immediately that you were meant do it? That's how spinning is for me. I spindle spun for about two years then got my first wheel. I was already making highly textured, structured yarns on the drop spindle, and that's remained my favorite types to create, both on a spindle and now on my wheels.

I currently own a Mach II and hope to add a King Bee to the collection soon! SpinOlution wheels are amazing because the unique treadling action allows me to spin even when my bad knees are acting up, without causing additional pain...and because they are so easy to spin on, and allow me to create any type or style of yarn that I desire.

Christiane Knight 

SpinOlution Dealer, Baltimore MD