Greetings from Spinolution!

Thank you for visiting the New SpinOlution Website!  You might be visiting this site to research our wheels compared to our competitors, and we appreciate the time you are taking to look at our products.  We hope our website will be one of the most thorough spinning wheel websites you'll look at today.  We want you to feel confident when you invest in a wheel from us.

Several years ago our company was faced with some major unforeseen changes.  We relocated our headquarters from California to Washington State.  Our son Kris moved into a new career.  And our dear friend, Janice Rosema, passed away.  Janice was the star of our Quality Control department, and her death impacted the entire fiber art community.  She was one of the most talented spinners and crocheters in the world.

We apologize to the spinners who purchased wheels during that period and were disappointed in our products.  Every wheel that went out during that time has been replaced or repaired.  We have improved our manufacturing process, hired new Quality Control, and now our wheels are even better than before.

We have a completely new team of talented spinners making sure every wheel is tested and passes inspection before leaving the warehouse.  Every wheel is built to order, and every wheel goes thru a point check before being shipped to you.

We are confident, with the improvements we have made on our website and in our manufacturing, that you will not be disappointed when you invest in a spinning wheel from SpinOlution.

Mike Pauly
Owner, SpinOlution
April 1, 2015