Meet Your Local Dealer- DiAnn Boehm of Nebraska

At Spinolution we like to think that our community of dealers is one of the reasons owning a Spinolution Spinning wheel is so exciting. While you may buy a wheel from any dealer online by using our Dealer Map we would love the opportunity to highlight some of our wonderful dealers who may be in your area to help you get better acquainted with our wheels and immersed in your local fiber arts community.

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Where are you located and what do you love about the fiber arts in your area?

I’m located on an acerage outside of Ames, Nebraska. I’m blessed to have a lot of

really wonderful fiber art enthusiasts in my area! There is an active spinning and

weaving guild in Fremont, NE only 12 miles from me, Omaha, Ne has an active

weaving and spinning guild which is only 45 miles from me and I often enjoy the

Grand Island and Hastings NE spinning and weaving guilds which are 2 – 2 1\2

hours drive from me! Those two guilds are huge demonstrating and teaching at our

State Fair!

What inspired you to start your own fiber arts business?

I saw spinning done during the Natural Fibers section of my Textiles class in college. I

had learned how to knit and sew in 4-H when I was 7 years old. I was mesmerized by

the spinning demonstration in my college class and knew I would learn how one day. I

saw a spinning wheel at a county fair when my three kids were young. I got online and

learned all I could. I finally asked where I could find spinners live and in person. They

said to go to my State Fair! That was August of 2000. I got started with a drop spindle,

bought my first spinning wheel a few months later, an angora rabbit the next June. I’ve

had alpaca, a llama, colored and white Corridale sheep Babe and Spin-o-lution spinning

wheels! I love to teach people to spin their own yarn!

What is your favorite feature of Spinolution Spinning wheels?

I love how easy and effortlessly they are to treadle. I love the funky designs, how

the footman move and that they are made in the USA. I also love the different

sized maidens and how easy they are to switch out.

Which is your favorite wheel if you could only choose one?

The Echo! I have the 4 oz maiden and the 16 oz maiden. I also have 8 oz

bobbins I use. I have the lazy kate and skein winder. I can make any grist of

yarn I want with my Echo!

What other hobbies or interests do you have outside of your business?

I knit, crochet, quilt, show rabbits, I’m a Ruby Ribbon Stylist, Usborne book

dealer, DoTerra Essential Oils consultant and Amway distributor. I also help my

daughter with her Prom and Bridal tailoring business “Stitches by Salem”.

How long have you been a dealer?

Since June of 2018

If you could give one piece of advice to new spinners or fiber enthusiast what would it be?

Be patient with yourself! As adults, we forget learning is a process

and get too impatient with ourselves. Spinning is very kinesthetic! Your body

needs to learn to coordinate many different processes. Practice 15 minutes

every day. Walk away if you start to get frustrated and come back to it later!

One day, it’ll just click for you! You’ll be SO GLAD you hung in there!

DiAnn Boehm

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