What Bobbin Size is Right for You?

One of the main benefits of owning a spinolution spinning wheel is the wide range of bobbin sizes that are offered. We have bobbins ranging from 4oz-64oz with this range of options you will have the creative flexibility to create the yarn of your dreams with ease.

what bobbin size is right for you

Our wheels come in two categories, modular head wheels and fixed head wheels. In our modular head wheels you can switch out the flyer head to accommodate different bobbin sizes. This gives you the freedom of having multiple wheels while saving space and money by only changing out the top half. The fixed head wheels are more unique designs that only accommodate 1 bobbin size.

Our modular wheels are the Echo, Firefly & Monarch they can can be changed between the 4oz, 8oz ,16 oz & 32 oz heads ( the Firefly and Monarch can also acomadate the 64 oz head the largest on the market)

These wheels can either be purchased with just one flyer head option and then a second flyer head can be purchased later or you can take advantage of one of our money saving packages. The packages come in a variety of size options and come with our extra accessories.

The fixed head options are the Bee series ( Queen 4 oz, King 8 oz Worker 16 oz) and cannot be changed out due to the complicated design. The Bullfrog comes standard with 3, 16 oz bobbins but can be order with 1 16 oz and 2 , 8 oz bobbins that will all fit on the same head if you prefer the variety.

The Pollywog wheel comes standard with 3, 4 oz bobbins but a larger 12 oz upgrade head and bobbin can be purchased. This is similar to the modular head wheels bur the pollywog heads only fit the pollywog wheel


For more information on our wheels or choosing the best bobbins options please consult our dealer map.

Choosing the right bobbin size

4oz bobbins - Lightweight and when coupled with the smooth treading speeds of our wheels they are ideal for thin or fine yarns.

8oz bobbins- A great mid-range option that is still lightweight while providing extra space.

16oz bobbins - The most popular size can handle any type of yarn with ease will providing extra room for larger yarns or extra yardage.

32 oz & 64 oz bobbins- The size most preferred for by spinners who love super chunky art yarns with embellishments or lots of yardage.

spinolution bobbins


Our bobbins are made from Baltic birch and are shatterproof. Each one is glued by hand and tested for durability and function by our quality control department.

Any bobbins that break within 1 year of purchase we will replace for free. If your bobbin breaks, email a picture to info@spinolution.com with your shipping address and proof of purchase to receive a free replacement.

SAVE ON SHIPPING. Add accessories to your spinning wheel order to save on shipping! If you're ordering accessories only, the shipping charges are Flat Rate. $15 to the USA and $25 Worldwide per order.