What to Expect from Customer Service

Some companies prefer to do all service themselves. Some set it up so the customer needs to go through the dealer to deal with service issues. Some have really set it up so that the products are easily serviceable by the end user. Where do you think the SpinOlution products fall?
— Amy

Excellent Question, Amy. We use all the methods of repair service that you mentioned in your question at SpinOlution.

  • For major repairs or updates, customers can call Mike, the Owner of SpinOlution and mastermind behind the wheel design, to walk thru the repair
  • Customers can also ship wheels / parts to us for repair whenever they prefer. 
  • For overseas repairs, we usually work thru those over the phone / email to save the customer shipping costs. 
  • For minor repairs and maintenance - your dealer can walk you thru that process.
  • We have both a Facebook Group and Ravelry Group open for discussing any issues you might have with all our dealers and SpinOlution spinners. 
  • For routine maintenance, we offer videos & education online for how to best take care of your wheel. 

Simple repairs are usually done by customers. Replacing flyer pegs, gluing magnets, and dis-assembling heads from flyers are repairs / routine maintenance that you should expect to do sometime during the lifetime of owning a SpinOlution wheel. We have several videos on our YouTube channel that cover the simple repairs. And many spinners enjoy learning how the wheels are engineered! 

But if there is a repair that you do not feel comfortable doing yourself, you can always pay to ship the item to us for repair - no matter how simple the repair is. We don't mind repairing items for you. We just need you to pay for the round-trip so we can get you up and running again as quickly as possible. 

It's important when you are purchasing a spinning wheel to understand the company's policies on warranty & returns. That way if you change your mind about your wheel purchase, you know how to proceed. Here are our policies. 


Our warranty on all spinning wheels and parts is 1 year from date of original purchase.


We want you to be happy with our products and with our service.

Please contact us prior to sending your return so that we can issue a return authorization to you. Shipping back to SpinOlution is your responsibility. Any return which originally received Free Shipping is subject to the original shipping cost being deducted from the return funds. International Refunds will not include the cost of International Shipping. Upon receipt of your return it takes 5-10 business days to process your return and credit our account. The credit will be processed against the original form of payment. We will notify you via e-mail once your return has been processed.

All returns must include all original parts, packing material and be in new "resale" unopened condition. We will be unable to issue any type of refund after our 30-day guarantee has expired.

WEAR parts (not covered by our warranty) are:

  • Flyer Pegs that break due to being dropped or bent
  • Drive Bands that break due to being exposed to sunlight or over-stretched
  • Tension Block / Felt that squeal out due to the laws of thermodynamics.

If you need a purchase a replacement for any of the above parts - please contact your dealer. And we understand that things happen. If a flyer peg is broken in shipment, we will replace it. We want you to enjoy your wheel and we do our best to make and design our wheels to be affordable to maintain. 

After the 1-Year Warranty has passed, you can purchase any replacement parts from your dealer.